As preferred supplier of the regions most innovative company, IngredientMedia has partnered with many divisions to deliver instruction video’s, strategy layouts, event registrations and more.

All Employee Meeting

For a few years in a row, IngredientMedia has had the opportunity to create content for one of the company’s biggest yearly events. We are prepared to support ASML for events of all sizes, applied all over the world.

❤ for Technology

ASML is a complex company and it is sometimes challenging to translate complex matter into understandable storylines. IngredientMedia’s technical knowhow and insights make sure we find a way to get the message across every time.

Kevin the Movie

We’ve a produced a corporate for ASML called ”Kevin the Movie”. This film was largely shot at the ASML office in Taiwan. The main character within ASML productions, named Kevin, who works in the cleanroom is put in the spotlight here. During the annual figures this movie was shown to employees and customers of ASML to celebrate the progress it has made.

Art of the Possible

We have been able to play an important role in the ASML campaign “the Art of the Possible”. Several case films have been produced but besides that we have depicted the technologies within ASML in the Art of the Possible mood film, which has been distributed worldwide.

GLM Energizer Animations

ASML is a big company with lots of departments. Everybody has a tight schedule, and they like to inform theire employees as efficient and cool as possible. This is were we come in! We’ve produced a series of 2D animations to pass this information as clear as possible to all the employees of ASML!

Digital Worker

In these times, working from home and working via new IT systems is an important step for every ASML employee. To support and explain this fast-growing development, we have produced the ASML Digital Worker film.