DAF Experience

In the DAF experience center, every new DAF truck is presented on a 180º screen. IngredientMedia created an engineering feat using a combination of film-material, 3D animation, VFX, a 5.1 soundtrack, and a supporting light show resulting in a truly immersive experience.

New Generation DAF

Recently DAF announced their new generation DAF trucks. Containing the XF, XG and XG+. Ingredientmedia worked months on the new show, which is currently shown in the DAF Experience Center. This was a full 3D CGI production where we took DAF his standards to a new level. Some parts of the movie are also available on the DAF Youtube channel with over millions of views

Limitless approach

This project is an example of our limitless approach. We create compelling experiences for everyone, everywhere.
From the smallest smartphone to a massive screen like the DAF experience center, IngredientMedia has got you covered!

Full CGI

The new generation DAF trucks are being kept secret until the release, and so is our production. We’ve chosen for a full CGI production so we didn’t need to film the truck on the streets. But also because we’re ensured of producing all the needs of our storyboard in the highest quality possible.

The New CF Electric

Last year DAF upgraded their CF Electric truck. We’ve been asked to make a short promotion video with their current wallpapers. We’ve combined the wallpapers with transitions in 3D CGI so the whole video gets new dynamic touch.

Virtual Reality Experience

Because of COVID, DAF had to think in opportunities. We’ve produced the teaser of their new VR experience room. This is to make sure the new possibilities of DAF are being brought to a wider audience.